Using Can Recycling To Raise Money For Your Church

Posted on: 12 January 2016

In states where the general population can get paid to turn in cans for recycling, can collection and recycling is an easy way for your church to raise money. The following tips will help you request cans from church members, collect the cans and get money from your can collection.

Enlist Volunteers

Once your church has decided to collect cans for recycling, assign a committee to organize the effort. The cans recycling committee will be the brains of the recycling fundraiser. The committee will need to implement a plan for the following:

  • Spreading the message about fund raising efforts to parishioners
  • Establishing collection centers at the church
  • Getting the cans to the local recycling center

The committee will also need volunteers to handle some of the necessary manual labor. The volunteers should be capable of lifting bags of empty cans, driving the distance to the recycling center, and emptying out the can collection bins at the church. To get the ball rolling, advertise for volunteers and committee members at your next service.

Make Collection Bins Decorative

A can collection bin can be made of something as simple as a card board box, or can be made of something harder and more permanent like a trash can. Whatever the bin is made of, it's important for the bin to be decorated so it will attract attention from your church members. Have the committee decorate the bin (or bins) with brightly colored papers, ribbons and other flashy, attractive materials. In addition to serving like an advertisement for your fundraising effort, these highly decorated bins will stand out from other trash cans, which will help ensure that the bins aren't mistaken for normal garbage cans.

Crushed or Not?

Some state recycling centers have rules about whether or not the cans can be crushed. Some states will not allow the cans to be crushed because the recycling centers read the UPC codes on the cans. To avoid loss of profit, find out whether or not your state will accept crushed cans, and if they won't, make this detail clear when talking to parishioners about the cans recycling fundraiser.

For more information about how your church can benefit from a cans recycling fundraiser, speak with a customer service representative from a local recycling center like Main Street Fibers. He or she can answer your questions and help you determine whether or not cans recycling is a sensible fundraiser for your church.