Things No One Tells You About Renting A Dumpster

Posted on: 18 January 2016

Renting a dumpster should be pretty simple: The company rolls it into place, you cart your junk out of the house, toss it in the dumpster and the company hauls it away. That's pretty much how it works, but sometimes things happen that you don't expect. Here are a few things that happen that no one tells you about.

You will fill it.

Even if you try to calculate how much stuff you have – whether you're cleaning out accumulated junk or gutting a room for renovation – you'll probably underestimate the sheer volume of stuff. If you're dealing with several years' worth of collecting, the stuff is probably packed pretty tightly, so when you pull it all out and throw it in the dumpster, the pile will be bigger than the original. Not only that, but you'll probably find more stuff to get rid of while you're in "cleaning mode". The company probably won't pick up an overfilled dumpster, so rent a bigger container than you think you'll need. Don't think of it as spending more than you wanted to – think of it as an opportunity to finally get rid of all that junk.

Neighbors will be interested.

People will come by to see what you are up and to ask if you are moving. While their questions (and nosiness) can be entertaining, you probably don't need the distractions when you're trying to work. Be prepared for neighbors wanting to chit-chat, to ask about the details of your remodeling project or to question your decisions to discard certain items. You might need to designate one person to occupy nosy neighbors while everyone else fills the container.

People will want to throw things in it.

Everyone knows that one person who can't resist getting something for free, and that person will show up when there is a roll off container in your yard. Someone is bound to ask if they can toss in "just one thing", usually something they have to pay to get rid of. It's up to you if you want to keep the peace and accommodate them, but don't let them throw in anything that's not allowed. For instance, dumpster companies don't accept hazardous waste or electronics, and many don't accept tires. Don't let them throw in kitchen garbage either, which can attract rats, skunks and raccoons.

It might attract dumpster divers.

Most dumpster divers and scrappers are respectful of private property and won't venture into your yard to salvage treasures or recyclables from your container. However, if it's placed on the front lawn and easily accessible from the street, you may have to deal with people fishing through it at night. Most dumpster divers have an unofficial code of ethics and won't scatter the contents on your lawn, but don't be surprised when pick-up trucks slow down in front of your house at night.

When you rent a roll off container, no one ever tells you how fascinating your junk and debris will be to other people. If you need to keep the container for a few days, ask the rental company to place it far away from the neighbors' prying eyes, or if they have containers with covers or locks. Renting a dumpster from a company like Lakeshore Recycling can be an adventure, and you'll probably end up with a good story or two by the time you finish your project.