Recycle, Reuse, And Refuse: Why You Should Recycle, Carefully

Posted on: 21 January 2016

Recycling and repurposing are easy to do and have a major positive impact on the environment. If you are cleaning out your office, you may be interested in getting a dumpster rental from a recycling service so that the items that can be reused are not wasted. However, when dealing with office property, you should be careful with the items that you do recycle. Here are some items you should be careful with and how to recycle safely. 

Reconsider all documents

While paper can often be recycled, you should be careful with recycling or throwing away any sensitive documents. Someone finding and taking possession of sensitive materials and documents can cause you a legal nightmare, or at the least, a scandal. Creative materials can be worse to throw away as legally, they may then belong to the person who rediscovers them. If you have to think twice about whether a document getting out would cause a security dilemma, it is best to shred it. Recycle all old newspapers, unused forms, and other items that your business doesn't need with ease.

Scrape off the company tag

Since the things that you put into a recycling bin or into a dumpster may be found and used by someone else, you will no longer have control over your image if something is taken from you. A recent scandal was caused when a business's name and old product appeared in negative propaganda in an overseas wars. While your company name may not end up on products used by rebels, you can find yourself in the middle of a lawsuit if a product with your name on it is being used by another company improperly. Before you recycle, remove all company names, logos, and other paraphernalia, especially on products or materials.

Dismantle items you don't want to be resold

Dumpster diving is a common phenomena in many different areas. Dumpster diving happens in regular commercial garbage cans, residential curbside trash, and in dumpster rentals. This means that people may climb inside of your dumpster to take out products that they may find useful. While this is fine from a recycling standpoint, it can cause problems for your business. One issue that you may run into is the possibility of people attempting to use a product that may not be safe.

If you throw away an unsafe item, be sure to take the item apart completely before sending it in for recycling. The next issue that you may run into is individuals attempting to return items to the store that were pulled out of recycling, instead of purchased. If possible, place a marking on all recycled items before sending them off, to ensure they are easily differentiated from other merchandise. Click here for more information on a dumpster rental service.