Stuck At Home Because Of COVID 19? A Good Time To Update Your Landscaping

Posted on: 28 April 2020

If you are stuck at home because of the virus that is going around, you are likely getting bored. One thing that you can do to spend your time is to update your landscaping. Below are two ways you can do this, so you won't be as bored.

Use Landscape Rocks

Landscape rocks can be used in many ways to make your landscaping look better. Because you are not allowed to go anywhere, you can have the landscape rocks delivered to your home. The delivery driver can drop the rocks off and then leave so you will not have to get close to them. 

You can use landscape rocks as mulch in your flower beds. These rocks do cost more but they will last longer when compared to other types of mulch. Water can still get through the spaces in between the rocks to provide your flowers with water. You do need to make sure you do not put the rocks too close to the base of the plants to make sure they are getting water. 

Landscape rocks can also be used as a border, such as around a flower garden or even around a pool. A rock garden is also beautiful and will make your landscape look interesting. If you have a path in your yard, you can use the rocks as steppingstones. As you can see there are many ways you can use landscaping rocks. If you have a lot of them left over, do not throw them away, as they can be recycled. This is much better for the environment. You can take them to a recycling company in order to do this when it is safe to leave your home.

Plant Flowers

Flowers are beautiful and a great way to make your landscaping be noticed. Choose to plant a flower garden on your property and fill it with colorful flowers. Perennials are great flowers and they come back year after year, so they are not as expensive. Annuals are also great flowers because they are less expensive, and you can change them out every year. You can plant flowers in front of your home, around a mailbox, and more.

Flowering bushes also look nice in a yard and can be planted just about anywhere. The snowball bush provides beautiful puffs of white flowers that look like snowballs. The snowball bush does provide these snowballs during the spring months only, but you are still left with greenery. 

The hydrangea bush provides large colorful blooms also. If you choose these, they do need to be planted where they can get only part sun. Full sun on these flower bushes will kill them. These bushes have pink or blue blooms. 

Hire a landscape contractor like Portland Sand & Gravel Co Inc to help you when it is safe to do so, and they can give you many more tips.