Make Cleanup Easier With a Grease Collection Service

Posted on: 27 September 2021

If you work in or operate a commercial kitchen in a restaurant, cafeteria, or another place of business, you know that things can get hectic back there and that the place can be a mess by the end of the night. But if you want to keep your kitchen in good condition, regular cleanup is of course required and you likely have a checklist of things your workers need to do to clean up on a nightly basis before going home. One thing, in particular, that might be a headache for you is figuring out what to do with the grease in your grease traps or any other grease that is generated in your kitchen. Here's how a grease collection service can benefit your commercial kitchen and your employees.

Put All Grease in a Dedicated Area for Pickup Instead of Having to Run It Out to the Trash

If you are currently throwing your grease in the trash, this is likely creating a headache for your employees at least once per night or maybe multiple times per day. Grease will need to be properly removed from your grease traps and then bagged or binned to avoid spillage and then one worker will have to leave the kitchen to actually take the grease to the trash area.

When you get your grease picked up by a collection service, you can keep it in a dedicated spot near the back of the kitchen in a bin that might even be provided by the collection service. This will provide a dedicated area to send your grease to and will streamline the cleanup process every night.

A Grease Collection Service Will Encourage Proper Grease Disposal That Will Keep Your Drains Clog-Free

When you know you have a grease collection service coming, this will encourage good cleanup practices and hopefully prevent one of your employees from getting lazy and allowing some grease to go down a drain that doesn't have a trap installed.

Regular removal of the grease from the traps you do have will help you avoid overflow issues that could also send grease down into the plumbing. Keeping grease out of the pipes is the best way to avoid a clog and long-term issues with your plumbing.

Using a Grease Collection Service Is Better for the Environment and That Can Benefit Your Business

A grease collection service will recycle your grease or at the very least not take it to the local landfill. This will lower your company's environmental footprint and make you a more "green" business, and that will help you maintain your company's reputation in the community.