Useful OCC Recycling Tips For Companies

Posted on: 20 January 2023

If you have OCC (old corrugated cardboard) materials that you need to recycle, it's important to follow the right protocols. Then you can earn decent profits in a convenient manner. Here are a few OCC recycling tips to be aware of.

See What Your OCC Materials Are Worth

Before you just hand over your OCC materials to a recycling center, it's a good idea to see what these materials are worth. You can find this out with ease online. You just need to account for the type of OCCs that are on your property and get an idea of the quantity you currently have.

Then this information can help you track down accurate rates for OCC materials. All you need to do now is make sure the recycling center you work with respects the rates that you found, leaving you without any regrets. 

Find a Recycling Center With OCC Experience

If there are a couple of places you can take OCCs to for recycling purposes, it's a good idea to focus on options that have a lot of hands-on experience with OCC materials. Then you won't have to go back and forth with them.

They'll know what type of OCCs you've collected and how much to offer based on market value. You can thus expect a streamlined recycling process that nets you decent profits you're happy about.

Recycling centers with OCC experience also can speed things up because they won't have to perform as rigorous of inspections because they'll already know what you have in your recycling collection. 

Flatten Your OCC Materials

After you take enough time to collect a good pile of OCC materials, it's a good idea to flatten them as much as you can before you recycle them. This is key for a couple of reasons. For one, it lets you conserve space in the container or bin you plan to store your OCCs in.

Additionally, when you flatten OCC materials, it will be easier to transport them to a recycling center. You thus can save time and not have to expend as much energy throughout this recycling process.

Old corrugated cardboard materials can be recycled, which is great if your company has a lot of these materials on your property. If you're smart about how you approach their recycling, you can get some good money and not have to work hard at all. 

For more information about OCC recycling services, contact a local company.