Portable Tanks For Water Storage

Posted on: 11 October 2022

Water shortages can affect production within an industrial setting. Access to portable water storage tanks will ensure that there is a sufficient backup water source that will guarantee that plenty of water is on hand for industrial tasks and personal needs. 

Tank Types

Rain barrels, plastic storage units, and metal storage units are some portable tank solutions that can be used to hold excess water. An end user may prefer to collect rainwater on a consistent basis. This practice will require no effort, yet will provide a consumer with a constant supply of water. A rain barrel can be utilized with a plastic or metal storage tank setup.

For instance, if someone has chosen to recycle rainwater, they may decide to invest in one rain barrel. This barrel can be used to collect a set amount of water. Tubing that is connected to a barrel can be used to transfer water from a rain barrel to a storage tank. Many portable tank designs consist of stackable storage units. These types of tanks will take up much less space than a large, wide tank that is not designed to be stacked.

IBC Usage

Intermediate bulk containers (IBC) are commonly reused and recycled. These containers are designed to hold bulk liquids or solids. An IBC that will be used to store water is FDA-approved. A container that is rented or purchased outright will contain a metal cage that surrounds it. This cage will aid with maintaining the shape of the container. If water storage products will be acquired through a rental outfitter, a client can choose the tank size and the number of units that they will need to store water.

A suitable area will be needed to store the tanks. A supplier may provide containment pallets, hoses, and other accessories that will aid with storing and dispensing water. Insulated tanks will moderate the temperature of the water that is inside each storage unit. Insulating materials are often secured around hoses that are used to dispense water.

If hot water is going to be stored within a unit, a heating apparatus may be installed on a tank. A tank supplier may recommend that tanks and water supplies are assessed by a quality technician at regular intervals. Water that is going to be consumed should be tested for bacteria. A testing process will involve assessing the cleanliness of a tank and the quality of the water.

Reach out to a retailer to learn more about portable water storage tanks.